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Handling Fees
RM 2.16/piece (inclusive 8% SST)


1 Year from Date of Issuance

Additional Information

Terms & Conditions

*Kindly take noted that maximum amount for petron points redemption will be rm45.00 (3000pts) per day. any redemption above that amount within the same day, you will need to call petron’s p-miles hotline 1-300-888-812 for verification purposes.
*Balance points available in the petron card is allowed for another redemption on the next day. no verification call is required if your redemption amount do not exceed rm45.00 (3000pts) per day.

1. Q: can i start using the value of the petron gift card immediately after receiving it?
A: you may only start utilizing the value of the petron gift card after you have performed card registration and activation.

2. Q: how do i register my petron gift card?
A: you need to register via sms as follows:
complete your details and send it to 66688
type :
petron<space>reg<space>[name]<space>[ic#]<space>[last 12 digit of petron miles card #]
*ic # referring to mycard i passport # i military ic # i police ic # example: petron reg lim kok seng 890516-14-5588 009000011808

3. Q: what can i purchase / redeem using the petron gift card?
A: you may redeem fuel, mart items at petron stations nationwide and perform catalogue redemption.

4. Q: how do i go about making payment using the petron gift card when i am at a petron service station to purchase fuel / mart items?
A: all you have to do is to make sure your card is registered and activated. simply go to the petron cashier counter and inform the cashier that you would like to pay using your petron gift card. cashier will then ask you the value of your redemption / purchase. cashier will deduct the intended amount from your petron gift card.

5. Q: how do i go about making a catalogue redemption?
A: step 1:
i. go to the nearest petron station and ask for a customer request form, or
ii. log on to this link to download our customer request form'16.pdf

Step 2:
fill in your details on the form to transfer points from your gift card to your existing petron miles classic or petron miles gold card.

Step 3:
i. fax the form to us at 03-2161 8233,
ii. email the form to or
iii. submit the form to any petron service stations

Step 4:
once the points transfer is successful, you can visit our website at to browse through our exiting redemption catalogue, and you can make the redemption of your desired rewards item online.

6. Q: if i make a purchase that is more than the petron gift card value, can i make payment using cash / credit / debit card?
A: yes absolutely, for example if you have points equivalent to a value of rm40 in your petron gift card and the purchase that you wanted to make is actually rm100, the points at a value of rm40 from your petron gift card will be deducted and you can pay the balance of rm60 using cash or credit / debit card.

7. Q: how do i check how much value i have left in the petron gift card?
A: balance enquiry can be made at any petron service station cashier or call petron customer service hotline at 1300 888 812.

8. Q: can the value in the petron gift card be exchanged with cash?
A: the value of the petron gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

9.Q: can i reload my petron gift card?
A: this is a non-reloadable card.

10.Q: what do i do if i have lost my petron gift card or if the card is stolen or damaged?
A: first thing that you have to do is to call petron’s customer service hotline to block your gift card to prevent any unauthorized usage. petron customer service team will guide you on the process to transfer the points from your lost or damaged or stolen petron gift card to your existing petron miles classic or gold card.

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